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Welcome to A-Game

Expert debate coaching for when you need to win.

  • You may know exactly what you want to say, but can't find the words to express yourself.

  • You may feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a large audience, even though you are well researched and prepared to speak.

  • You may not know where to even start working on a project.

If any of these sound like you, don't worry. A single A-Game Speech and Debate prep workshop can help you overcome your reservations and help you be the best version of yourself on your big day.

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Debate Preparation


Effective Public Speaking
and Presentation Training
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Our Services:

Political candidates, advocacy group representatives, business leaders, public servants, and many others occasionally find themselves invited to participate in debates. Knowing that one has been prepared by a top professional debate coach with decades of experience can help reduce the anxiety often associated with these intense events and increase the chances that our client will successfully get their message across in a winning way. Collaborating with a seasoned marketing professional on understanding and shaping your "pitch" provides our team with a competitive advantage. Appleseed Communication has formal and informal relationships with a plethora of other professionals in this unique field. We pride ourselves in being able to do what is necessary, and get who is necessary, to make you the best debater you can be.

Academic researchers and industry insiders have known for a long time that good public speakers are perceived as more knowledgeable, credible, and  persuasive than those who lack effective public speaking skills. Our team specializes in taking those that self-identify as "not very good at public speaking" and giving them the tools they need so they  see themselves - and that their audiences will see them-  as confident, competent, and compelling.


Strategic Research 
and Messaging


Strategic Issue

Access to powerful supporting evidence and knowing how to use it is the key to any truly successful persuasive act. Our team finds, shares and coaches our clients on how to best use cutting edge data-based statistics, dynamic examples,  direct experience, and personal and expert testimony on a wide variety of topics and hot button issues. Our goal is to give our clients the evidence they need  to best strengthen their arguments so they can achieve their goal of successfully getting their message across in a way that firms up supporters resolve and moves those "on the fence" to becoming genuine supporters.

Positioning your argument so that it best taps into your audience's beliefs, values, and attitudes can be the difference between success and failure when attempting to win hearts and minds. Our team will help you craft your argument and position it so it dramatically improves your ability to get others to "see it your way." The process employed involves giving the client the tools they need to analyze any audience.