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Company Profile: What is A-Game?

A-Game Speech and Debate was founded in 2019 as a boutique consultancy to serve clients with three sets of needs:


We serve individual leaders who need to speak, or argue, publicly on important topics. We provide leaders with tailored training and coach them directly to deliver superior argumentation. We follow the coaching with mock debates that hone the leader’s skills and build her confidence.


We serve groups of professionals (e.g. 10 to 100) who need to communicate more effectively on hot issues. Policewomen, firemen, conservationists and other occupations speak with the public and/or aggravated individuals on a frequent basis.  Communication can quickly go beyond the issue at hand to needing to deflect a sharp personal attack. The speech and debate coaching features hot issue identification, the defusing of intense situations and/or conversion of the aggravated party, and graceful closings aimed at avoiding a subsequent confrontation.


Finally, we serve special-interest leaders who seek to advance their organization’s agenda while still being perceived as credible to society.  Special interest speech needs are unique and require precise delivery with a view to the long term. These leaders are often speaking or debating on topics that have already polarized society and their organization takes on the aspects of a brand. The leaders need to be laser-sharp in argumentation and avoid spill-over into issues that divert from their agenda.


A-Game Speech and Debate is not a run-of-the-mill public speaking company. We tailor our services to your specific speech and debate opportunities and help you to be your best.

Sam Nelson and Dr. John Stowell
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