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"For when you need to be at your very best"
Mission Statement
At A-Game Speech and Debate Consulting, our mission is to help you be your very best at sharing your message, whether it be in a presentation, formal speech or public debate no matter what your background or level of experience. 
How can we help you?
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“Sam’s work has become such an integral part of our leadership development curriculum. When he conducts a debate training workshop for us, it’s really not about how to compete and win a formal debate competition. It’s about giving our participants the tools they will need to think critically about multiple perspectives on an issue, formulate a strategy for a persuasive argument, and ultimately how to communicate and influence others to ‘follow’ you. Sam teaches our participants to be persuasive leaders in an engaging, enjoyable and memorable way. I would highly recommend him to others looking to achieve the same purposes.”  
 -  Larry Van De Valk, PhD Executive Director, LEAD New York
     Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University